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Time to Eat My Own Words

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How ironic is it that the first blog post I would write is exactly the kind of post I need to read myself.  What do I mean by that?  Let’s start a little earlier in my entrepreneurial journey to give you the whole picture.

In January of this year I bought a course called DropShip Lifestyle.  For a couple months prior to this, I immersed myself in podcasts and blogs about being an entrepreneur.  Like  a fiend, I couldn’t get enough.  I couldn’t stop learning and planning my next move.  Planning is the key word in that sentence.  I would think, should I start an ecommerce store?  Should I open a brick and mortar store?  Should I sell an info product, or physical goods?  I would continue learning and planning my next move, but never TAKE ACTION.  Then one day, my good friend said three words to me that would really resonate.  TAKE CONSISTENT ACTION!  “Just do something!” he exclaimed to me.  I made the decision right then and there that I would buy DropShip Lifestyle, and give it my best effort.

After buying DSL, I spent two months building my first store.  I had reached a point where I was happy with my website, and was ready to call suppliers, but I couldn’t pick up the phone.  I was scared to do it.  I was afraid of failure.  Right at that point, I was offered an opportunity to purchase another ecommerce store that had the store built, and 4 suppliers on board.  I thought, here is my escape route.  Here is my way to get started, and skip around the scary part.  I bought the website a couple of days later.  The day after I bought the site, the main supplier for the site dropped me.  I had 3, but that was no where near enough to run a profitable business.  I was right back at square one.  It was time yet again to get over my fears and TAKE ACTION.  I began contacting suppliers immediately and got approved for my first supplier on my first call.  Turns out it wasn’t so scary after all, and I ended getting approved by 20 or so pretty quickly.  I gave the whole site a makeover shortly after buying it as well.  So basically, I had only boughten the name.  In the end I had to do all the steps I was afraid of anyway.

Fast forward a few months and my store is doing extremely well!  So what’s next?  I began feeling an overwhelming urge to share my story.  I wanted a way to inspire other people to take action and begin their entrepreneurial journey.  I know plenty of people that were stuck in the same planning circle that I was stuck in, and if I can inspire just one person to Take Consistent Action towards their goals, I would be really grateful that I was able to give back.  But wouldn’t you know it, I found myself in that exact same planning circle yet again.  I purchased yet another course on how to start a blog and a podcast.  And right when it came time to actually write a blog post and record a podcast, I got scared, and just kept brainstorming rather than taking any action.

Then last night I said to myself, what are you doing?  You want to begin writing a blog and recording a podcast to inspire people to Take Consistent Action, but you’re not doing it yourself.  And instantly I knew what my first post was going to be about.  Every time I had reached this point previously in my journey, it was actually taking action that changed everything.  Sure, I was going to make mistakes.  I was going to have failures, and things were not always going to go the way I planned them to go.  But taking that first step, as scary as it is, always leads to great things.  The journey is fun too!  The ups, the downs, the roller coaster ride that is your entrepreneurial journey is extremely enjoyable.  So Take Action!!  Whatever your next move in life is, take that first step now!  I promise you won’t regret it.

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