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Earnest Affiliate Review From A Successful Course Member

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Ever since I started my own entrepreneurial journey I’ve spent a lot of time explaining what I do to many, many people.  I LOVE talking about it.  I could literally talk for hours about how I started, or the struggles I’ve gone through along the way, or simply imploring the person I’m speaking with to Take Consistent Action on their own journey.  This is the exact reason I searched out a course like Earnest Affiliate in the first place.  I wanted a way to share my story with the world and inspire others to tell their story too.  But, when I’m telling others that they can do this too I often get asked the same question.  “How can I talk about what I love and monetize it too?”

I completely understand the basis for that question.  I felt the same way prior to finding this course.  I would say things like; Who would want to hear my story?  Or, nobody’s going to pay attention to a random guy in Wisconsin talking about eCommerce.  The truth is, when you talk about what you are passionate about, you will naturally attract people that want to hear about that subject.  Whatever it is you want to talk about, someone, somewhere, shares the same passion as you and will be inspired.

Earnest Affiliate Review

So the next question naturally is, how can I monetize my passion?  This is where Earnest Affiliate comes in.  Earnest Affiliate, created by Johnny FD, solves a lot of the problems you may face when starting out like, where to host your blog or website, what products you can recommend, how to get traffic, how to write content to build trust, and much more.  Earnest Affiliate is designed to take someone with zero knowledge about affiliate marketing, and walk them though, step by step, to a successful and profitable blog or website.  But, does it do everything it’s advertised to do?

That’s why I decided to make this Earnest Affiliate review, and take you behind the scenes of so that you can see exactly what you will receive when you purchase this course.  I was one of the first members of this course, and want to share the successes and setbacks I’ve faced while traversing through it.  I will also answer frequently asked questions that have been asked about this course.

Want to watch this review instead of read it?  Check out the video I made below.

Behind the Scenes Look at the Earnest Affiliate Course


What will be covered inside Earnest Affiliate?

In this course, Johnny FD will teach you how to go from zero knowledge about affiliate marketing to a profitable affiliate website.  So, naturally, the first question Johnny addresses is – What is affiliate marketing?  This question is the very first part of Module 1.  Let’s walk through each module of Earnest Affiliate and talk about what problems they solve.

Earnest Affiliate Review

Module 1 – Introduction

Inside the first module of Earnest Affiliate Johnny talks about exactly what affiliate marketing is.  He gives real world examples so that someone who is completely unfamiliar with it can understand.  He also explains the benefit for businesses and the benefit for you when using affiliate marketing as your business model.

In the second and third section of this module, Johnny explains to you the importance of only promoting products you can earnestly recommend and the benefits of doing so.  He also talks about how this is a long game and explains why.  This module is a perfect overview of the course and explains affiliate marketing so that even a beginner will grasp the idea.

Earnest Affiliate Review

Module 2 – Niche Selection

You may think of ideas prior to this course of things you would like to affiliate, but this module will expand your mind to many more ideas.  The possibilities of things to recommend are literally limitless.  Johnny walks you through multiple different ideas of what is possible so that you can begin thinking outside the box.

This is the part of the Earnest Affiliate course that begins to solve your problem where you may know what you want to talk about on your blog/website, but have no idea how to monetize it.  This module has you download a spreadsheet, that also contains ideas, so that you can begin making a list of products, whether physical or digital, to affiliate.

He stretches your thinking one more time in this module by asking you to come up with a goal you would like to achieve, and then teaching you how to get paid while achieving said goal.  By the end of this module, you will start thinking of money making opportunities you didn’t know existed prior to watching the videos.

Earnest Affiliate Review

Module 3 – Affiliate Networks

So now you’ve made a list of subjects to talk about, brainstormed multiple different products both physical and digital to promote and earnestly recommend, but how do we go about becoming affiliates?  And where do we begin?  Like most modules in Earnest Affiliate, this section treats you like you know nothing about where to begin, and walks you through signing up step by step.

Johnny recommends the two most used affiliate networks as your first sign up and walks you through signing up for them.  Next, he shows you how to go through your list and shows you how to sign up as affiliates for those companies.  He also shows you how to look through one of the largest affiliate networks for more ideas.

He also, again, revisits the idea of getting paid to do something you’ve wanted to do.  This time, walking you through the process and explaining to you the benefit of doing so.  Very cool video to say the least as it will really open your eyes as to what is possible with affiliate marketing.

Earnest Affiliate Review

Module 4 – Website Platform

Now comes the time to decide whether you are going to build a blog or a static website.  Don’t know the difference?  Don’t worry, Johnny shows you the differences between the two using real life examples of different websites he owns and operates.  He also walks you through the pros and cons of each choice.

Next up he talks about hosting.  Whether it be free or paid, your new venture needs to be hosted.  I personally recommend SiteGround for paid hosting, and so does Johnny in this Module.  There are free options available if you want to use Blogger.  You will have far less options for your site using this option however.

No matter which route you go, you are going to need a domain.  If you use SiteGround, you can set up a domain through them if you’d like to.  If you use Blogger, you will need to purchase a domain.  I personally use Name Cheap for all of my domains.  I find them extremely easy to use and they offer Whois Guard for free for the first year so that you don’t get a million emails from scammy SEO companies.  Plus, owning multiple domains, I prefer to have them all under one roof.  It just makes things easier for me.

Module 4 in Earnest Affiliate also talks about the pros and cons of using a niche domain name for the topic you want to speak about, as well as helping you to decide to use your own name vs a pen name.  Once you have made these decisions, it’s time to take action.

The final step in this module is actually designing your site.  Johnny discusses how many days maximum you should spend on building your website, why you should choose a responsive theme, and why you should start collecting emails now.  This is also the point in the course where you get a logo made for your site.  Of course, Fiverr is the most logical choice here as you can get a decent one made for $5.50.

Earnest Affiliate Review

Module 5 – Content

Now that you’ve constructed the layout and feel of your website, it’s time to load it up with content.  But, Johnny has a specific way he recommends you to begin.  He wants you to build trust with your audience long before you recommend products to them.  And part one of this module describes a way to do that.

He describes this as your first five posts and goes into great detail of what to write as well as why to write them.  Johnny shows you examples from his own blog of types of posts to write for your first five posts.

Next he talks about the importance of certain pages on you site such as a recommended resources page and a start here page.  Both play pivotal roles in your site, and he goes into detail on each with a video for each page.

The final part of this module talks about the freemium business model.  Johnny himself has done extremely well with this model, so who better to learn from right?  Again, it’s all about building trust with your audience.  Johnny gives you multiple examples of why you should do so, and how to go about doing so.  He touches on how often you should post, the importance of staying consistent, and how to make your posts more personal.

The final portion of Earnest Affiliate module 5 is entitled “Subtle Marketing”.  Johnny uses one of his own personal YouTube videos to demonstrate the importance of subtle marketing.  He mentions why planting seeds is better than hard selling and explains visitor funnels.

At this point in the course Johnny invites you to post your website in the forum to receive feedback.  In my experience thus far, Johnny is in the forum everyday.  He answers every post and gives great feedback.  No matter where you are in the course, if you have a question, post it in the forum.  Johnny, and other course members, will absolutely have ideas for you.  It’s quite a nice feature of the course that you have access to Johnny whenever you need it.

Earnest Affiliate Review

Module 6 – Traffic

So now you have great content on your beautiful looking site, but how do you get visitors?  Johnny is a firm believer in never paying for traffic, so in this section he teaches many different ways to generate traffic that everyone can do.

Johnny teaches you how to make all of your posts SEO friendly.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of getting your site to rank higher organically in the search results for terms you want to rank for.  Lot’s of small things can be done to help in the long run and Johnny points them out for you.

Next up, he teaches you how to write sharable content and the benefits of doing so.  Johnny offers four different types of content that is shareable, and gives real world examples from his own blog for each type.  He also has you install a great free app that makes sharing extremely easy for your visitors.

Earnest Affiliate module 6 has a separate video for posting in forums and groups where your target audience is likely to be.  As well as a video dedicated solely to the importance of social media.  He describes lots of little actionable nuggets to find and engage your audience.  He also goes into great detail about YouTube, not only to monetize the videos you make, but how to utilize this tool to drive traffic into your funnel.

The sixth video in the traffic module is about podcasting. In this module he talks about how podcasting could be a game changer for your affiliate journey.  He gives you actionable tips to start your own podcast as well as advice on how to get featured on someone else’s podcasts.  He also answers the questions of how to drive traffic to your podcast as well as how to monetize it.

The final portion of the traffic module talks about getting featured and guest posting.  He goes into the pros and cons of guest posting, and gives you examples of how to approach writers in your niche that can feature you in their medium.  Again, he shows you first hand how he did each of these things.

Earnest Affiliate Review

Module 7 – Case Studies

Want to see proof that all of these tactics work?  Well, Earnest Affiliate module 7 will show you just that.  Johnny goes through different products that he is an affiliate for and shows his real numbers that he is earning from each of them.  It’s very eye opening to see what kind of money can be made simply from referring people to a product that has worked for you.  Within each case study Johnny links to different posts, videos and podcasts where he has specifically promoted these products and the different tactics (that he taught you earlier in the course) he used each time.

You will also learn how to get discounts, made just for you, to promote the the affiliate products you have chosen and why these will convert higher.  Johnny also goes into great detail about supporting services and why they are important to the whole picture.

Johnny is an open book in the module.  From Drop Ship Lifestyle, to Shopify, to Trust Guard, to Amazon, to Udemy, Johnny screen shares the back end of many of the products he promotes.  And I personally was astonished to see the results.  The numbers are mind boggling.  Now that you are up and running, it’s nice to see these case studies to give you motivation to continue to push forward.

One thing that stuck out to me in these videos is that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a marathon.  And if you are in it for the long haul, and continue to bring value, the process will reward you in the end.


Earnest Affiliate Review

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Earnest Affiliate Review

Forums and Support

One of my favorite parts of the Earnest Affiliate course is the forum.  Very few courses that I have seen does the maker of the course interact in the forum.  Well, in Earnest Affiliate, Johnny does.  He does it a whole lot in fact.  The course hasn’t been open long at this point, but Johnny has answered every question that has been asked so far.

Have you ever wanted to sit down with Johnny and pick his brain?  Well, here is your chance.  Having a tough time figuring out something in the course?  Head over to the forums and either Johnny himself will answer you or one of the members will help you.

Another thing I like about having a community like this to grow with is the feedback you can instantly receive.  Post your blog in your signature, and ask people to offer suggestions.  Many times an outside perspective is exactly what you need.  Not to mention, you can see everyone else’s blogs and sites, so you can generate many more ideas for yourself.

Is there additional expenses beyond the price of the course?

With any course that you purchase there is always going to be extra costs to get you started.  Fortunately, with Earnest Affiliate, those extra costs are pretty small.  But I do think it’s important to let you know what those costs may be.

  1.  As I mentioned above, you will need a domain.  If you use SiteGround for hosting, you can set up a domain through them for FREE if you’d like to.   I personally use Name Cheap for all of my domains.  Name Cheap is simple and is only about $10 a year.
  2. Like I just mentioned, you will also need hosting.  Someone has to host your blog or static site on the web.  Johnny describes some free methods in his course, but recommends using a paid service.  He and I both recommend SiteGround for hosting services.  SiteGround is only $3.95 a month to get started when you use my referral link.
  3. A logo for your brand is another expense you may have.  Thankfully, now days that is a cheap thing to have made.  If you go to Fiverr and have one made it will cost you $5.50.

That’s really all you need to get started.  Well, that and some sweat equity of course. 🙂  I personally got started with just those 3 things listed above.  30 days later, the course had already paid for itself in my affiliate commissions.

This sounds so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

This is a very valid question, and the fact is, many people get stuck on certain things and give up.  So let’s take a look at some of the spots in the course that might be sticking points for some and see why.

  1. Niche Selection –  Many people have lots of ideas going into the course involving the niches they hope to talk about.  And honestly, they are all probably fantastic ideas!  I truly feel like you can talk about anything, and so long as you are bringing value, you will build a following of like minded individuals.  However, self doubt is a production killer.  And I see some people that are overcome by it.  But you can prevail against this resistance.  I’ll use a quote by UFC fighter Conor Mcgregor to explain how.  “Doubt is only removed by action.  If you’re not working, then that’s where doubt comes in.”  He is exactly right.  Rather than doing nothing because of analysis paralysis or because you are having doubt, just pick something and get to work!
  2. Content (putting yourself out there) – This absolutely can be a scary thing to do.  This should be something you ask yourself prior to buying the course.  Are you ready to be an open book?  Are you ready to trust that there is many, many, many, people in the world that think like you?  Well, I promise there is.  But writing the content can be hard, and can certainly be a sticking point for some.  Johnny does a great job of directing you in the beginning and providing examples to help you get started.
  3. Being the tortoise and not the hare – Everyone wants to get rich quick.  The reality is, that doesn’t exist.  All business models require a whole lot of hard work to be done long before the big payday comes.  And this course is no exception.  Putting in hard work and bringing constant value with little or no reward is difficult.  Use the old story of stopping 3 feet from gold as solid advice.  Don’t let temporary defeat make you quit.  Head to the forums, ask questions, and stick it out.  Because you might only be 3 feet from gold when you’re ready to quit.  And, as Johnny teaches you in his case studies, if you are in it for the long haul the rewards keep snowballing.  Hard work always pays off.  Stick with it.

Do you think you can get past these sticking points?  Then there is no reason you can’t be successful with this course.  There is no previous experience needed.  Johnny explains everything as though he is talking to a complete beginner.  Just Take Consistent Action every step of the way, and you will be successful.

Earnest Affiliate Review

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Have a question or a comment?

After reading all of this, is there still a question you have?  Ask below, and I’ll do my best to answer it.  Have a comment about the course, or about this review?  Leave that below too.  Again, I will do my best to respond to everything.

Earnest Affiliate Review

Thank you for taking the time to read this Earnest Affiliate review! I hope it has been helpful.  Want to hear Johnny and I talk about this course and much more?  Check out my podcast, TCA 002 : Drop shipping and Affiliate Marketing with Johnny FD.


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