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First and foremost, if you are just beginning, I highly recommend signing up for straight away.  That course is what got me started, and Anton provides an extraordinary amount of value.  In my first few months of the course, I had received a lot of help from other course members who mentored me and coached me.  Between the course, and the coaching, I had all the tools I needed to be a success.

While going through DSL program I have also had the opportunity to help a few members with their stores.  I truly enjoy helping people and want to see them have the same success I have had as an entrepreneur thus far.  The feedback I have received from the people I have helped has been amazing.  Because of this, I have decided to offer phone/skype coaching to anyone interested.

Have a question about niche selection?

Would you like help with optimizing your store?

I’m happy to help with anything I can.  I think anyone can succeed in their entrepreneurial journey if they have all the tools, and Take Consistent Action!


Coaching is available at

Feedback – 

I had the pleasure of interacting with Benjamin Knegendorf with regards to my website. I had been struggling with my conversions. I was getting lots of add to carts, but people were abandoning them upon checkout. Ben suggested to me some tweaks and optimizations, and on the same day, I had my biggest day of sales to date.  Whenever I needed some help, Ben was just a message away.  The insights given by him are to the mark and he provides some smart ideas.

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– Prateek G.





When I was struggling with my first drop shipping store I didn’t really know where to turn. Luckily I was referred to Ben from a friend and it completely changed my store’s trajectory. The thing I struggled most with was design, Ben was kind enough to offer me some constructive criticism that helped me raise my conversion rate and overall look of my store. Not only is he intelligent he is the most genuine person I have met online. If you are stuck with your online store and do not know where to turn I would highly suggest signing up for an hour or two of coaching. It could be one of the best investments you make.

– Felipe C.Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.17.32 AM