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2015: The Year That Changed My Life

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What a crazy year this has been.  I started 2015 off knowing I wanted to take my life in a new direction, and signed up for Drop Ship Lifestyle on January 11th.  Little did I know it but that single decision would set the tone for my entire year.

I’ve talked a bit about my motivations in this post, but this year was gonna be the year I took action.  From January to March, I took the time to learn the course and built a beautiful website right along side Laura in the Shopify video series that’s included.  I’ve always been a serial learner, so going through all the parts of this course were fun to me.  But, as you may have already read, I got scared to call suppliers and purchased an ailing course member’s site for a couple hundred bucks.  I spent March through most of April dealing with the new site, getting suppliers and uploading products etc…  From the moment I turned on my ads, sales began to come in.  Things were starting to become fun! 🙂

At this point, I had come a long way and climbed what seemed like an enormous mountain.  But is was only the beginning.  Looking back now I realize how big that mountain was, but at the same time, I would consider that a right of passage.  Anton’s course, I believe, can take you to $1,000 a month profit pretty easily.  But if you don’t put in solid work to learn the course, and jump over hurdles that hold many people back, you will never get to this point.  The view from a top this mountain was great, and I felt quite accomplished, but I knew there was more mountains to climb.

I have to admit that I got a little lazy over the next couple months.  In Wisconsin, we spend all of winter cooped up indoors, and when spring and summer roll in I want to be outside!  My wife and I spent a lot of our free time up at her parent’s cabin this summer.  I did manage to accomplish quite a few things, but no where near what I was capable of.  I migrated my site to a paid theme on Shopify that looked 100X better than the old theme.  Instantly my conversion went up, and I started landing some bigger orders.  I also made a decision during the summer to share my story publicly.  I purchased Johnny FD’s course,, to learn how to blog about my journey, and monetize it as well.  If you would like to read a very in depth review I wrote about that course, you can find it here.  I had no idea that a blog and podcast would be so much work! LOL  Thank you to all of you that read this and listen to the podcast and have used some of my links.  I really appreciate the support!

But almost as if the universe saw me getting lazy and wanted to give me a boot, I got a big chargeback on one of my orders.  I talk about it in depth in this post, but basically it was a $1,550 kick in the teeth.  I had made enough money from my store at that point to cover it (barely) but it really hurt, both monetarily and emotionally.  It was the wake up call I needed though, to snap out of summer mode and back into hard work mode.  Amazingly, it was that same weekend that my wife made the decision that we were going to attend the 2015 DSL Retreat in Krabi Thailand.  We had no idea how we were going to pay for the trip at that moment, but knew we were going.

I knew making the trip would stretch me in new ways like I talk about in this blog post from Aug, but had no idea the true effect it would have on myself, my wife, and the way we think about life.  It truly was a game changer. If you haven’t read my recap of the Retreat, you can read it here.  I highly recommend checking out that post, as I went into great detail about each day.  The people we met, the experiences we had, all have effected me greatly.  I’ve made really good friends with multiple people that I met there and speak to each of them multiple times a week.  I recorded my very first podcast while at the Retreat as well!  And it lead to me buying FBA Empirewhich was another amazing decision.  But more than anything, it opened my eyes to what is possible.  Sure, I have listened to many podcasts about drop shipping and FBA and many other forms of online income, but meeting many of these people in person and discussing ideas changed the way I thought.  New ideas and goals flooded my head.  

The months after the retreat have been focused on getting ready for the holidays, both the store and with family, and getting my podcast launched.  It’s a lot more worked than I had bargained for!  It was quite a relief when 5 episodes were done and I could launch.  Just before launching, I started getting emails asking me about the DSL course.  Most of the emails asked me the same question.  So I wrote a blog post about it.  Is it guaranteed??  NO!!  After launching, I still get the question, but at least I have a place to direct people!  I’ve recorded more podcasts since being home, but took a break around the holidays.  I personally was too busy with the store and family to have much time to listen to podcasts myself, so I figured my audience might be the same.  I also got my second staph infection in 2 months on the day after Christmas which sidelined me as well.  Not the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten 🙁  I have a few great guests lined up for 2016 and am really excited to get rolling again now that the holidays are over.

So here we are, on the brink of a new year, and it’s been nice to reflect on what has certainly been the craziest year of my life.  I quite literally just got done typing this sentence to Anton on Skype, and I meant every word of it.  “It’s your course that changed the trajectory of my life in 2015.  And if there is anything I can do to help you, please ask.”  Taking that first step, and buying Drop Ship Lifestyle changed everything.  I’m extremely grateful for finding Drop Ship Lifestyle and Anton Kraly.  Best decision I made this year!

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  1. Paul

    This is super inspiring Benny… Been following your journey a little bit and so awesome to see how you came up. DSL is a game changer for real, just starting my own store and stoked to be part of the journey with you–2016 will be so much more life-changing. Can’t wait to listen to more TCA podcasts!

    August 29, 2016
    • Benny K
      Benny K

      Thanks buddy!

      September 13, 2016
  2. Dani Morgan
    Dani Morgan

    Hey Benny,

    I’m a newbie to drop shipping. Just started Anton’s courses and just picked my first niche. Woohoo!
    Really scared….scared of what; I don’t know…scared of failure, scared of success, scared of the unknown.
    I want what you’ve got, I want to change my life in a big way! Thanks for your insights on your journey! Can’t wait to get on with it.
    Keep it up

    May 17, 2016
    • Benny K
      Benny K

      If you want it, go get it. It really is that simple. 🙂 Good luck, and thanks for following my journey!

      May 18, 2016

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